Opening Menu 


B.B.s   - butter cake "doughnut" holes, rolled in cinnamon sugar and served by the single, half dozen, or dozen 

Pound Cake - dense and delicious cake dappled with fresh blueberries, topped with a maple glaze, and served by the slice. 

After Breakfast

Honey Bumbles - almond honey nougat candies

Twinklebees - vanilla butter cakes filled with fresh lemon curd and dusted with lemon sugar

Pound Cake - dense and delicious single serving cakes dappled with fresh blueberries and topped with a maple glaze

Malt Shop Cookie - two chewy chocolate malt cookies filled with malted vanilla cream cheese frosting and rolled in malt ball bits 

Rhubarb Bombe - dome of poached rhubarb filled with Bavarian cream and atop
a strawberry dappled butter crust


Coffee          Milk          Izze

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