Sneak Bee-Peaks


These delicious breakfast goodies will come in multiple flavors (lemon honey, orange nutmeg, cinnamon sugar to name a few). Baked cake "donut" holes, these rich beebees with a cup of hot coffee make for a stupendous breakfast of champions.


Our version of the American classic, these are a bit richer and denser, and rolled in granulated sugar to add a sweet, sparkly essence. The next round will be filled with lemon curd. Because what doesn't taste better with curd? 

Maple Blueberry Pound Cake

Pound cake is perhaps my favorite kind of cake and this one is particularly tasty! The blueberry maple combination is reminiscent of blueberry pancakes and make this pound cake a familiar surprise. 

Malt Shop Cookie

A crowd favorite. These chocolate malt cookies are filled with malted cream cheese frosting, rolled in crushed malt ball bits, and incredibly yummy. 

Grapefruit Bombe

These decadent domes of glistening honey soaked grapefruit are filled with a lightly lemon and vanilla Bavarian cream and sit atop a lemon butter crust. Look forward to these in the spring with honey poached rhubarb instead of grapefruit and a strawberry butter crust (I know I can't wait!). 

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